Success Stories | FMH

“I decided to work with Ash as I had on-going knee problems and he had a reputation for knowing his stuff.  After working together my knee pain has reduced significantly to the point where I can start training again.  Ash is THE movement guy. If I had any clients who were struggling with movement/rehabilitation I’d send them Ash’s way over a physio!”
Dan – Personal Trainer


“I started working with Ash following an injury as he was recommended to me by someone I trust.  The process of working together has been brilliant! Has genuinely improved my training and day to day niggles.  My squat position has improved massively- which has been extremely useful in Crossfit it has allowed me to stay injury free but also become more efficient in my movement.  I would highly recommend Ash”

Aaron – Crossfitter, Farnham


“I had a shoulder injury that wasn’t improving with the exercises and treatments from physios so decided to see Ash as all of his previous clients had achieved amazing results.  My shoulder condition improved in less than 4 sessions and has felt great ever since. It was comforting knowing that he has invested so much into his education in the industry and I knew he was the person to get me the results I was looking for.  The process of working together has been amazing. Ash is the best trainer and coach I have ever had. I continue to be coached by him as he is the best in the business and I learn so much from his programming as well as improving my performance.  I have been in the industry for years and have been surrounded by an abundance of fitness professionals. There is no one I would recommend over Ash, no matter the goal. His knowledge is beyond any other professional I’ve come across and the fact that he continues to be mentored is a real selling point for me. I have never enjoyed my training as much as I do now and have also never seen the same kind of results. My lifestyle has improved as well as my training and nutrition. If hesitant about starting with Ash, don’t be. He will make you feel at ease during your sessions and always push you to do your best whilst commending your progress along the way. My sessions with Ash are the highlight of my week and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start/progress/refine their training.”

Tess – Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher


“I came to see Ash as I had been told my shoulder was torn in 2 places and I had ostearthritius and bone bruising.  The process has been amazing and Ash was super great with answering all of my questions after the app etc which was very nice and helpful.  Since working with Ash I can use my latts again and train pain free with my shoulder.”

Lucy – Elite CrossFit Athlete, Coach and Nutritionist


“I am an experienced (but not competitive) CrossFitter looking for more tailored guidance and programming for my specific goals and time constraints. Given the limited time I have to train, I needed to make sure that I get the most ‘bang for buck’ with regards to my training time. Ash’s former corporate background really put him in the perfect spot to understand my mindset.  As expected, Ash has been incredibly thoughtful about the programme he wrote for me and with the advice he dispenses. I certainly feel a lot more in control about my training. After all, for those of us that train for performance and not to compete, we have to constantly strike the balance between doing too much (which takes a toll on what we really care about) and too little. Ash has been a great steadying presence in this regard.”

Lian – Hedge fund manager & keen CrossFitter


“I’m a gym regular but with movement patterning issues, and also wanted to learn new things so decided to get in touch with Ash.  I had some reservations re PTs in general, but found the process of working together to be very good – novel, helpful and completely unpatronising.  Since working together I have learned muscle ups, learned a load of new drills and gained an insight into probably the biggest hang up with my general movement.  It has been seriously worthwhile.”

Joe – Lawyer/Powerlifter/Bodybuilder