Squat Hacks Programme | FMH

The Squat Hacks Programme is a 4 week programme designed to improve your squat position, comfort and efficiency.  Through the course of the programme we’ll target your mobility, stability and movement patterns to improve your squat.   There are a range of options, with online video review support, see below for details.

The All-In

£119 + £19.99pm

if you’re looking for long term progress and video review with personalised coaching

  • Full access to all videos for minimum one year
  • On-going access to private coaching group to check in on progress
  • ask any questions that arise during the programme
  • upload your videos for our review and feedback
  • personalised suggestions on how to adjust your training


The One-and-Done


If a deadline motivates you to get shit done

  • Full access to all videos for six weeks
  • Six weeks access to the coaching group
  • Personalised suggestions and feedback on uploaded videos



The I Want to Take My Time


if you want to go at your own pace and are happy going it alone

  • Full access to all videos for minimum one year




The Hans Solo


Full access to all videos for six weeks, plenty of time to get it all done





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