Shoulder mobility exercises programme - Learn the right stretches

Hack Your Overhead Position

Hack Your Overhead Position is a 4 week progressive programme, guaranteed to improve your shoulder flexion*. You will receive access to real time videos of all of the drills performed in full, so all you need to do is follow along.
The programme consists of:

  • 3 sessions per week
  • The sessions are between 5 and 15 minutes long and serve as an ideal warm up, particularly if done before any overhead training.
  • The sessions ¬†can be performed after training or on their own too.
  • The sessions use 36 different exercises, most of which you will not have seen before, which target all the common restrictions to good shoulder movement.

Each week builds on the previous week to create progressive improvement in each area. NONE of the exercises involve painful foam rolling or lacrosse balls. They all use the latest science-backed movement principles of bone movements, joint feelings and muscle reactions to bring about authentic movement pattern skills.

COMING SOON: Hack Your Squat

A 4 week programme to improve squat depth and position.
Addresses, tight hips, weak/inactive glutes, excessive forward lean.