Why I started functional training

The FMH Story

I was always a keen sportsman through school and university, which is what sparked my interest in strength and conditioning.  I started lifting weights to support my rugby training, but found that the most readily available knowledge was mainly about bodybuilding, and that didn’t have a great carryover to the sports field, often contributing to injuries rather than preventing them.

After a recurring neck and shoulder injury from rugby, I saw countless physios, osteopaths and chiropractors, but found treatment only ever addressed the symptoms at the time, and that whenever I came back to training, the injuries would reoccur.  Through frustration, I started doing my own research into what sort of training could prevent these sorts of injuries and how to recover from them once and for all.

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Why I started functional training

I gradually started doing more ‘functional training’ that carried over to sports and real life more than the bicep curls and leg extension machine.  I discovered crossfit and the concept of mobility training to improve the way that the body moves as well as improving athletic performance.   Through my interest in movement, I was referred to and began training with Impulse Fitness in London, and started to see improvements in my injuries immediately.  Since learning the new movement principles and techniques, my old injuries have become a thing of the past and my performance continues to only increase, performing movements I could only dream of with my dodgy shoulder and neck.

Following my own success I then quit my city job and decided to get qualified as a personal trainer, crossfit coach and a Faster Movement Specialist in Functional Therapy and Performance.  Combining these qualifications with my degree in Biology and Biomechanics, I’ve seen great success in improving my clients’ movement and my goal is sharing the knowledge with more people in a similar situation, so that they don’t have to waste all the time I did missing training trying to fix himself!

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